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Bossanova Muscade - Organic Cotton Kingsize Classic Hammock

Bossanova Muscade - Organic Cotton Kingsize Classic Hammock

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Supremely soft, cuddly organic cotton and artful, handmade details make this a truly unique – and beautiful – place to unwind. Experience relaxation in the renowned style of the Brazilian hammock tradition.


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Bossanova Muscade - Organic Cotton Kingsize Classic Hammock

  • Highlights

  • Sustainability
  • Help & Videos
  • Handmade in Brazil

    Bossanova is handcrafted in the Brazilian hammock stronghold of Fortaleza.

  • High-quality details for next-level comfort

    Designed with superior back support in mind, 104 suspension cords guarantee excellent weight distribution.

  • Enjoy hammock comfort all year round

    Whether outdoors in the summer or indoors during the colder months, Bossanova is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

  • The hammock for a healthy life

    A laid back retreat and a space for shared experiences – that's our Bossanova. It inspires mindfulness and physical self-awareness, promoting a life in balance through gentle movement.


  • Brazilian craftsmanship

    With its loving details, Bossanova is a total work ofart of South American relaxation culture – it’s truly a thing of beauty. The elaborately handcrafted macramé distinguishes our high-quality Brazilian hammocks – and is a key element when it comes to ensuring optimal weight distribution – for a feeling of complete weightlessness. The hand-knotted, decorative border emphasizes the aesthetically pleasing spirit of this hammock – and is known recognized throughout Brazil for being a true symbol of outstanding quality.

  • 100% pure organic cotton

    Organic cotton is not only more environmentally friendly than conventional cotton. The natural material provides a pleasant feeling on the skin and is easy to care for at the same time.

  • Special weaving technique

    The sophisticated two-sided pattern is created by a special weaving technique, which also makes the fabric particularly supple.

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  • Comfortable kingsize hammock

    This classic cloth hammock is suitable for the whole family thanks to its generous lying surface. With a fabric width of 180 cm, king size hammocks provide maximum comfort and relaxation—an unparalleled experience whether you’re alone or with loved ones.

  • Soft organic cotton with extra-long fibers

    The high-quality material guarantees durability, tear resistance and colorfastness.

  • Perfect weightlessness on 104 suspension cords

    The quality and comfort of a hammock is measured by the number of suspension cords. More cords results in better weight distribution, increasing the overall durability and comfort of the hammock.

  • Traditional macramé

    Elaborate, handmade macramé is the special characteristic of high-quality Brazilian hammocks. Artfully connecting the warp threads creates an even distribution of weight and an unequalled feeling of utter weightlessness.

  • Traditional fringes

    The hand-woven fringes are the trademark quality feature of hammocks from Brazil.The “Veranda” tradition is a matter of pride especially in the workshops in the northeast of Brazil.

  • Handmade in Brazil

    Handmade in Brazil by artisans using traditional methods. Extraordinarily comfortable with lovingly designed details.

Product Details

  • Bed width: 180 cm
  • Cloth length: 260 cm
  • Total length: 400 cm
  • Required minimum distance: 360 cm
  • Required minimum height: 180 cm
  • Carrying capacity: 200 kg
  • Country of origin: Brazil
  • Fabric density (g/m²): 330
  • Material description: 100% cotton (organic)
  • Product weight: 2.5 kg
  • Highlights
  • Sustainability

  • Help & Videos
  • Pure cotton from organic cultivation

    This hammock is 100% organic cotton, grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and defoliants.

  • Lower water and energy consumption

    The absence of artificial fertilizers and harsh pesticides protects our precious soils. Together with the alternating cultivation of organic cotton and other plants – also known as crop rotation – thisapproach contributes to the higher storage capacity of the soil and to comparatively low water consumption. Energy consumption is also significantly lower than in the production of conventional cotton.

  • Social commitment on site

    Together with former national beach soccer player José Expedito and the non-profit association "Gateway to Hope", we founded the CENTRO LA SIESTA in Fortaleza in 2014. Behind the beach promenades and promenades of the popular tourist destination, many children experience poverty, domestic violence and drug abuse. The CENTRO LA SIESTA offers them a place of safety and brings them closer to sports, culture and education. With the project, we want to open up future prospects for the local children and support them in the long term.

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  • Highlights
  • Sustainability
  • Help & Videos

  • How and where can I hang my hammock?

    There are numerous ways to hang your hammock: between two trees, two walls or two posts. Alternatively, you can use almost any combination thereof and hang your hammock between a tree and a post, for example. It is also possible to attach it overhead and use the ceiling as an anchor point for the suspension. The most important aspect is the load-bearing capacity of whatever suspension points you choose.

    If none of these options are available to you, a hammock stand is a great choice. A sturdy hammock frame can be placed anywhere you want (so long as it fits) and can be repositioned at-will whenever necessary.

  • How much space do I need to hang my hammock?

    When attaching your hammock, you should pay close attention to the correct relationship between the distance and height of the suspension points: Thehanging height (y) should be approximately half of the hanging distance (x). If you increase the distance between suspension points, you should also increase their height.

    If you follow these hints, the shape of your hammock will resemble a banana (or a smile!).

    Additionally, be sure that your hammock swings freely and does not touch the ground. This will protect it from abrasion and keep it looking beautiful for a long time.

  • What is the most comfortable way to lie in the hammock?

    To fully enjoy the unique comfort of your hammock, you should position yourself diagonally. This way the lying surface can open completely and adapt to your body. Unlike lying lengthwise, your back is optimally supported and the pressure is relieved from your spine.

  • Can I wash my hammock?

    You can easily machine wash your hammock at 30 degrees using the gentle cycle. Remember to tie the suspension cords together beforehand so they don't become tangled. After washing, you should air dry the hammock (tumble drying is not recommended).

  • Attach a hammock between two walls | Video tutorial

    Learn in our video tutorial how to attach your hammock with CasaMount to any wall or ceiling type.

  • Hang a hammock between two trees | Video tutorial

    In our video tutorial, we explain how to hang a hammock between two trees with the TreeMount suspension set.