FSC™ Certified Sustainable Wood

All wood used by LA SIESTA is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council™. By doing so we can guarantee that the trees used for our products have been managed according to the principles of sustainability.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)™ is the most important international organisation evaluating ecologically and socially sustainable forestry and wood processing.

LA SIESTA Relies on FSC™

We started converting to FSC™-certified timbers in 2008 and have steadily increased our supply from them ever since. All wood used for LA SIESTA hammock stands, spreader bar hammocks and hanging chairs are made from FSC certified materials. We can thus guarantee our wood comes from exemplary and sustainable production practices.

Track & Check

LA SIESTA spreader bar hammocks and hammock chairs have an FSC™ tracking code. With the help of this code we can trace the origin of the product. In addition, the types of wood used can be inspected and the type of certification can be checked. Click here to Track & Check: http://info.fsc.org

Your Contribution

Sustainable forestry is one of the most basic necessities for improving our carbon footprint, preserving biodiversity, and safeguarding the survival of future generations. With the purchase of FSC™-certified products, our customers contribute to the exemplary management of our forests and can relax in their hammocks with a clear conscience.