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Alabama Arabica - Padded Kingsize Spreader Bar Hammock

Alabama Arabica - Padded Kingsize Spreader Bar Hammock

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Cloud-like comfort: With its upholstered king-size hammock bed Alabama offers maximum comfort for you and your loved ones.

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Alabama Arabica - Padded Kingsize Spreader Bar Hammock

  • Highlights

  • Sustainability
  • Help & Videos
  • Extra wide padded hammock bed

    The padded hammock bed is extra comfortable and offers extra space for two to three people so you can spread out in style.

  • Robust outdoor material

    Thanks to our durable, easy-care outdoor fabric, Alabama is ideal for outdoor use.

  • Integrated cushion

    The integrated cushion provides additional comfort and can be conveniently removed from your hammock at any time.

  • Spreader bars from sustainable forest management

    We rely on high-quality pine wood as a renewable resource that comes from ecologically and socially responsible forestry.

  • High-quality details for next-level comfort

    Designed with superior back support in mind, 38 suspension cords guarantee excellent weight distribution.

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  • King-sized hammock with spreader bars

    King-sized hammock with spreader bars for XXL comfort.

  • Weatherproof fabric

    Our functional fibre was specially developed for the particular requirements of outdoor hammocks. It is easy to maintain, quick-drying and weatherproof.

  • Responsible forest management

    The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC™) international certification system guarantees that the wood used in LA SIESTA products comes from ecologically and socially responsibly managed forests.

    FSC™Licence Code: CO12427

  • Perfect weightlessness on 36 suspension cords

    The quality and comfort of a hammock is measured by the number of suspension cords. More cords results in better weight distribution, increasing the overall durability and comfort of the hammock.

  • Padded lying surface

    The padded lying surface improves comfort and protects from cool air.

Product Details

  • Bed width: 140 cm
  • Bed length: 210 cm
  • Total length: 400 cm
  • Length of the bar: 140 cm
  • Required minimum distance: 400 cm
  • Required minimum height: 100 cm
  • Carrying capacity: 160 kg
  • Country of origin: India
  • Material description: 100% polypropylene | suspension and filling: 100% polyester | ring: steel | spreader bar: pine (FSC™ certified)
  • Product weight: 5.8 kg
  • Highlights
  • Sustainability

  • Help & Videos
  • FSC™-certified pine wood

    Our pine spreader bars carry the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC™) seal of approval. This international certification system guarantees the use of wood from ecologically and socially responsibly managed forests.

    FSC™-Licence Code: CO12427

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  • Highlights
  • Sustainability
  • Help & Videos

  • How and where can I attach my spreader bar hammock?

    There are many ways to attach your spreader bar hammock: between two trees, two walls or two posts. Alternatively, you can mix and match options and hang your spreader bar hammock between a tree and a post, for example. It is also possible to hang it from the ceiling. The only thing that matters is the load-bearing capacity of the elements.

    If none of these options are available to you, a hammock stand is a wonderful choice. You can place your stand wherever you like and move it around if necessary.

  • How much space do I need for my Alabama?

    When hanging your spreader bar hammock, pay attention to the relationship between the distance and height of the suspension: The hanging height (y) should be about a quarter of the hanging distance (x). If you increase the distance between the suspension points, you should also increase their height accordingly.

    Additionally, be sure that your hammock swings freely and does not touch or drag on the ground. This will protect it from scuffs and scrapes so you can keep your hammock in top condition for a long time.

  • What is the most comfortable way to lay in my Alabama?

    We recommend positioning yourself lengthwise down the center of your hammock. When lying down, make sure that the center of gravity (heaviest part) remains in the middle of your hammock – especially if you want to relax with another person or two.

  • Attach a hammock between two walls | Video tutorial

    Learn in our video tutorial how to attach your hammock with CasaMount to any wall or ceiling type.

  • Hang a hammock between two trees | Video tutorial

    In our video tutorial, we explain how to hang a hammock between two trees with the TreeMount suspension set.