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Materials & Fabrics

What is the difference between cotton and outdoor/ weatherproof fabric?

Most hammocks and hanging chairs are made of cotton since it’s an all-around practical and comfortable material. Cotton is tear-resistant, absorbs moisture and is extremely soft to the touch.

LA SIESTA’s HamacTex outdoor material is resistant to mold-, mildew-, and UV-damage. It’s also fast-drying and fadeproof. What makes LA SIESTA weatherproof products so special is that we took the time and effort to work on developing a better weather-resistant fabric, one that’s softer (and therefore more comfortable). While it’s not quite the same feeling as cotton, we truly believe that we have the softest, most comfortable weatherproof outdoor hammocks on the market. If you’re looking to leave your hammock outdoors (uncovered and not under a shelter) or if you’re looking to sleep outside overnight in a hammock, then look no further—LA SIESTA weather-resistant hammocks and hanging chairs are exactly what you’re looking for. No matter wind, sun or rain, both the functionality and radiance of your hammock or chair will be unaffected.

Organic Cotton - The World's Most Comfortable Hammocks

What is organic cotton?

Organic cotton is grown according to strict environmental standards and ecological principles. It forgoes the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers and prohibits the use of genetically modified seeds (GMOs).

In the cultivation of organic cotton, the water consumption is significantly lower compared to conventional cotton cultivation. Crop rotations preserve the soil’s natural fertility. Furthermore, organic cotton farmers usually organize themselves into cooperatives, helping them achieve higher prices for their harvest—thus becoming more independent from the prices, fluctuations, and volatility of the global cotton market at-large.

You can read more about the use of organic cotton in LA SIESTA products, and be sure to also check out what LA SIESTA is doing to help promote and spread the cultivation of organic cotton across Latin America.

Quality and Durability - LA SIESTA Hammocks

Quality & Safety

How strong are hammocks?

The load capacity of different hammocks varies from model to model and can be found within the respective product detail page. All LA SIESTA hammocks and hanging chairs are subjected to extreme stress tests. Our products are hung in a specially designed machine and loaded with a weight that is 2.5 times greater than the maximum weight capacity that you see listed on our product details and packaging. These tests identify and eliminate potential vulnerabilities before the product goes to market.

Sicherheit steht für uns an erster Stelle

Are LA SIESTA suspension kits and straps tested for safety?

We engineer and design all of our own suspension systems and work closely together with TÜV Rheinland when we do. TÜV is a globally recognized leader in the areas of safety inspection and product certification. The test experts make sure that the products meet all of the latest, global safety requirements and provide us with feedback in the form of design specifications, which allows us to easily eliminate all potential sources of danger. All LA SIESTA suspension systems and stands are marked with the GS mark.

Maintenance and Care - The World's Most Comfortable Hammocks

Care & Maintenance

How do I care for my hammock or hanging chair? Are hammocks and hanging chairs machine washable?

Unless otherwise noted, all hammocks and hanging chairs by LA SIESTA are machine washable. If your hammock has a spreader bar, remove it, and wash at 86 degrees on gentle cycle. You should tie the suspension cords together in a neat knot before washing to avoid tangling and unwanted knotting.

Can you wash the Joki Hanging Nest Chair for Kids?

Looking after the Joki Hanging Nest Chair for Kids and keeping it clean is very easy: the pillow (cushion insert) is removable, and the hanging nest itself can be washed at 86 degrees on the gentle cycle in the washing machine. No need to worry about stains and dirt: you can relax and let the little ones play freely!

Let's Relax! - The World's Most Comfortable Hammocks

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