Alabama Red Pepper - Quilted Kingsize Spreader Bar Hammock *

Alabama Red Pepper - Quilted Kingsize Spreader Bar Hammock *

Alabama Red Pepper - Quilted Kingsize Spreader Bar Hammock *

Your new outdoor oasis – the Alabama’s padded bed and weatherproof fabric promises hours of outdoor relaxation.

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  • Alabama Red Pepper - Extra-Wide & Quilted

    Extra-Wide & Quilted

    The oversized laying area & extra-soft padding create a place of ultimate relaxation - perfect for two people.

  • Alabama Red Pepper - Durable & Weatherproof

    Durable & Weatherproof

    Designed for care-free relaxation: a resilient fabric with tearproof edges. LA SIESTA’s fast drying, outdoor material is resistant to mold-, mildew- and UV-damage. Plus it’s machine washable, so you can rest easy. 

  • Alabama Red Pepper - Integrated Pillow

    Integrated Pillow

    Effortless support: The cushion comes already integrated and can be removed at any time for easy care & maintenance. 

  • King-sized hammock with spreader bars

    King-sized hammock with spreader bars for XXL comfort. Tip: Always be sure to hang hammocks with spreader bars nice and tautly!

  • Weatherproof Fabric

    Our LA SIESTA weatherproof fabric was specially designed for the particular requirements of outdoor hammocks. It is easy to maintain, quick-drying and weather-resistant. It’s mold-, mildew- and UV-damage resistant—plus the material is recyclable and can be re-used!

  • Padded lying surface

    The padded lying surface improves comfort and protects from cool air.

  • Many suspension cords

    The number of suspension cords contributes to the comfort and durability of your hammock or hammock chair: The more cords there are, the more even the distribution of weight – providing a feeling of utter weightlessness!

  • Certified wood from responsible forestry

    The international certification system of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC™) guarantees that the respective wood is sourced from ecologically and socially sustainable forestry.

    FSC™-Licence Code: CO12427

  • Product Details

    • Bed width: 4 ft 7 in
    • Bed length: 6 ft 11 in
    • Total length: 13 ft 1 in
    • Length of the bar: 4 ft 7 in
    • Required minimum distance: 13 ft 1 in
    • Carrying capacity: 355 lbs
    • Country of origin: India
    • Material description: 100% polypropylene | suspension and filling: 100% polyester | ring: steel | spreader bar: pine (FSC™ certified)
    • Product Weight (Retail Packaging): 12.8 lbs
  • Advice & Care

    • Required space

      When mounting a hammock with spreader bars, it is essential that it be hung tautly. The tauter the hammock is hung, the greater the comfort. A hammock with spreader bars requires a somewhat greater span than for a hammock without. The suspension height (y) should be aproximately one quarter of the distance between suspension points (x). For example, a hammock with spreader bars with a length of four meters, requires a suspension height of approximately one meter. If the hammock is smaller, less suspension distance and height are necessary.

    • Fixation

      Hammock between two trees

      Depending on the size of your hammock, the trees must be at least 3 meters apart and strong enough to bear the weight. In order to mount the hammock between two trees, a rope is looped around the tree trunk and attached to the hammock.

      Hammock between two walls

      Weight bearing and solid walls are suitable for mounting hammocks. The MultiSpot is especially simple and safe, distributing the weight over four drilled holes.

    • Reclining position

      In a hammock with spreader bars, it is most comfortable when you lie in the lengthwise direction. The spreader bars keep the hammock surface open for maximum relaxation.

    • Hand wash

      Your hammock with spreader bars is hand washable.

    • Protect from abrasion

      Ensure that your hammock swings freely and does not rub on the ground.

    • Keep dry during winter

      We recommend cleaning and thoroughly drying the hammock before the winter season. After it is completely dried, store the hammock in plastic to protect from vermin.

  • Instructions