Meet the new playroom favorite: The Joki Kids Hanging Nest

Combining both movement and relaxation, recreation and rest, fun and health—the Joki is your ticket to a world full of dreams, adventure, comfort and serenity. A perfect place to play, swing—or just relax!

Let’s Play!

Adventure time!

An exciting book, a funny audio story, or the infinite kingdom of your own imagination – Joki is the perfect place for discovering new worlds.

Just relax…

The Joki Hanging Nest offers the perfect retreat—a safe space all their own where kids are free to daydream and revel in their imagination. The warm embrace of soft, organic cotton and calming, gentle sway promotes a sense of well-being—nurturing whatever leisurely dreams may come.

Boost focus & balance

Thanks to its gentle, swaying motion the Joki has been shown to improve concentration and focus while also boosting a child’s sense of balance—regardless of whether they’re playing, swinging or just relaxing.

Choose your color

Joki is available in five stunning color variations – each as unique as your little one!

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All about

MultiSpot: versatile and safe

Suitable for both solid and drywall ceilings, LA SIESTA’s MultiSpot is patented, safety tested and TÜV-certified. Thanks to the MultiSpot, you can hang or remove the Joki in a matter of seconds.


Everything you need

The Joki Hanging Nest can be installed immediately, since all required hardware - MultiSpot, rope, screws and anchors - is included in the box.


For all ceiling types

Made in Germany, the MultiSpot guarantees reliable support on all common ceiling types and beams.

Safe 360° rotation + easy height adjustment

The TÜV-certified SmartSwivel safety component prevents the Joki Hanging Nest from twisting and tangling, ensuring safety and durability. The SmartSwivel allows for height adjustments with just a single, easy step - and without having to tie any knots!

High-quality organic cotton

The Joki Children's Hanging Nest is made of 100% high-quality organic cotton. Super soft, extra cuddly—and safe for children with sensitive skin.


A matter of the heart

LA SIESTA is the first hammock brand in the world to receive the GOTS certification. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is the leading textile processing standard for the sustainable production of organic fibers. GOTS adheres to strict ecological and social guidelines, and is recognized the world over.



Started by LA SIESTA founder Alexander Grisar, SOCiLA is an initiative that promotes the cultivation of organic cotton in Latin America. Since 2009, SOCiLA has been committed to the sustainable cultivation of organic cotton and the distribution of organic-cotton products along sustainable value creation chains.

Immerse yourself in the world of LA SIESTA Kids – your gateway to a land of fantasy, adventure and well-being!

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