LA SIESTA Moki Hängematte für Ergotherapie schult den Gleichgewichtssinn
Ergotherapie Hängematte: LA SIESTA Moki mit Jungen bei Gleichgewichtsübung

- grow up in balance

Developed in cooperation with occupational therapists for movement training: Thanks to the padded selvedges, the patented suspension and the special shape, the Moki is stable and suitable for children.

"The Moki offers a wide range of possible movements and the children experience it as a great and activating toy. Playfully and with lots of fun they develop their motor skills, sense of balance, spatial orientation and body stabilization."


Jörg Golombek, occupational therapist

Hängematte in der Ergotherapie Vater bei Übung mit Sohn


Like all Moki children's hammocks, the Max children's hammock comes along with a complete suspension set - everything you need, practical and flexible.

Standard Suspension Option

When a hammock has the shape of a banana, it hangs perfectly. Note that the angles of the strings should be the same on both sides. If the fixing point on one side is higher, the fixing cord must therefore be longer – thanks to the SmartLock you can adjust the rope length fast and easily.

Aufhängung und Befestigung Moki Hängematte
Aufhängung Moki Hängematte für Bewegungsschulung in der Ergotherapie

Suspension Option for Movement Training

For movement training, the hammock should be hung up like a narrow U. We recommend a suspension with about 50 cm distance between the two suspension points, so that all exercises can be carried out. There is also enough space for therapy mats. The correct hanging height is essential: Depending on the exercises to be performed, it can be adjusted quickly.


Moki Kinderhängematte Max für Bewegungsschulung

With the Max version

numerous exercises can be carried out for movement schools. It also offers space for the whole family.

Moki Kinderhängematten Dolfy und Froggy

The Moki children's hammock

is available in 2 versions: The classic version is ideal for any children's room, space-saving and available in three colours.


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