In 2020, companies across the world faced a major shift with the onset of the pandemic and closed their offices to protect employees. This act of preventing the spread caused a chain reaction that is continuously changing the corporate world. After a year of conducting business from home, the way we work is shifting as more organizations choose remote working.

After our own trial and error at the LA SIESTA offices, our team has developed routines and healthy work from home practices to navigate this new way of life. There have been many slumps and slips over the course of a year as we’ve waited for things to return to normalcy. We wanted to share some of our tips and tricks for surviving this adjustment. So, we spoke to a member of the LA SIESTA team who spends her days WFH; Working from a hammock!

We Really Love Hammocks

No, really. We do. Everyone on the LA SIESTA team has been bitten by the hammocking bug, with each member having their personal favorite style. For Teresa Ulloa, she completes most her work while in her Domingo Kingsize Hammock Chair.

Teresa Ulloa

“I mainly try my best to switch up my routine as often as possible to remain alert and never feel bored,” she said. “However, the one constant that remains is I always work from a LA SIESTA hammock chair if the weather permits!”

Ulloa started working for LA SIESTA as a customer service specialist in the Summer of 2020 amid the pandemic pandemonium. When joining the team, she had to navigate a new position during a time that required her to work from home where she lives with four family members. Without a designated place to work, she found herself spending most of the day in her bed, which quickly impacted her focus.

The Science of Hammocking


Hammocking is more than just a hobby or relaxing pastime, but a cultural tradition that is also backed by scientific observation that brings you amazing comfort. For centuries, people have been resting in hammocks as their bed, passing the tradition on and sharing it with the world. The equal distribution of weight in a hammock allows for zero pressure point rest, meaning you don’t wake up feeling sore.

This relaxation is extended to our hammock chair styles. And not only do hammocks bring you a unique comfort, but they also help you regain focus. For Ulloa, it was an easy transition from taking meetings in bed to enjoying more time outside.

“I would recommend getting out of your room and find a comfortable spot in your house that stimulates your mind as well,” she said. “One of the main reasons I love working from a hammock chair is that my swinging constantly keeps my brain stimulated and allows me to be productive.”

Managing Your Stress

If you’re still adjusting to remote work, you’re not alone. Let’s face it, we weren’t trained to work through a global pandemic. Our brains are programmed to the typical 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule that includes a breakroom lunch and a twice-daily commute. How are we supposed to “switch off” if our entire workday is from our makeshift home office?


Without those water cooler chats, it’s hard to take breaks during the day that also keeps you focused on working. Connecting with coworkers was an easy way to momentarily turn off throughout the day. And although technology allows us to connect with coworkers, the lack of human interaction can contribute to higher levels of stress.

Which is where the hammock comes in. The slow swaying motion will keep you calm, even in the most stressful Zoom meetings. We also suggest reinstating team bonding chats that were all the rage at the beginning of quarantine. Like a weekly happy hour, or trivia night!

Spending Time Outside


Taking time out of your day to hang outside can improve your mental and physical health. We think working in your backyard or on your balcony can help you regain focus by changing your perspective on the day.

As the saying goes, it’s like a breath of fresh air. Literally. This can come in handy if you are tackling large projects, deadlines, or just have a case of writer’s block.

Studies show that consistent time spent outdoors can lower blood pressure and reduce your stress. Just think of the natural aromatherapy of the great outdoors! While working on a presentation, literally stop and smell the flowers. The outdoors can even help enhance your creativity. So, for those of you who can set up your hanging chair or hammock outside, working among the bird noises and rustling trees is a lovely change of pace.

What's the Right Fit?


At the end of the day, the choice is yours. Select the style that will help you stay productive, while also keeping stress at bay. For a new take on the classic desk set up, try a hammock chair. This style will allow you to sit upright like a desk chair so you can go about your tasks, or you can recline to alleviate some stress and tension.

A classic hammock might be a great option for a breaktime siesta outside. The occasional break during the workday will help you release stress, regain focus, and restore creative energy. An extra tip, we suggest laying diagonally across your hammock for ultimate relaxation.



Working from home is a new experience for countless employees across the globe, us included! Set up a meeting with the hammock side of your workday to help you transition to this chapter of your career. It’s important to remember that this adjustment takes time, so practice mindfulness and complete periodic self-check-ins. And for relaxation during your 9 to 5, change your work from home routine into “work from a hammock”!

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