Our world is quickly becoming more interconnected, including the way we build and sell products for the retail market. The hammock industry has created various standards to ensure that customers at all corners of the globe have access to top-quality products. For people interested in bringing a hammock into their home, backyard, or outdoor adventure, the LA SIESTA hammock should be a place of comfort and relaxation.

We have worked to perfect these industry-leading products through innovative and sustainable means. That way, we create a lovely hammock that is kind to the customer and to the planet. We strive to meet standards, because these standards give our customers piece of mind that their purchase will bring a sense of peace to their day. While also being a champion of the planet!

Through the dedication and vision of our teams, we have earned many certifications along the way. We wanted to share these accolades with you to better understand the ethics of LA SIESTA, and the quality product we believe in.


Keeping LA SIESTA Secure

From online security during the purchase process to technical security of our product, some certificates like TUV and CE are standard, sometimes even mandatory.

Rigorous Product Safety Testing and Sustainable Supply Chain Certifications at LA SIESTA Hammocks

These standards give the buyer assurance that the product meets certain safety requirements. Which is essential when purchasing a hammock to lounge in!


Sustainable Supply Chains & Shopping

Next are sustainability certifications. At LA SIESTA, we think it’s important to produce hammocks in a way that in fair and sustainable. The use of certified organic and wood from responsible forestry in many of our product lines is a way to sustainable hammocks and hammock chairs that are kind to customers and the planet.

Ethically and sustainably made hammocks and chairs

Internationally recognized certificates like GOTS and FSC give customers the certainty that companies not only advertise sustainable practices, but that the supply chain from material harvesting to the completed hammock meets high ecological and ethical standards. Although we produce hammocks made of conventional cotton, our organic cotton products are extremely soft to the touch and durable. Plus, our organic cotton hammocks were actually the first to receive the GOTS certification!

LA SIESTA believes in meeting rigorous ecological and ethical standards to honor the planet and set us apart from others in the industry. Internationally recognized certifications like GOTS and FSC acknowledge our organizations great practices. These markers give customers the certainty that companies not only advertise sustainable practices, but that the supply chain is eco-friendly as well.


Relaxation & Movement

Relaxation is at the center of our product development. However, there are not many seals or certifications that prove a product’s ergonomics, developmental support, and relaxation ability. Unlike qualifications like technical safety or the origin of a raw material, these concepts are less tangible and are subjective. As manufacturers, we are convinced that our products have a positive impact based on our own experiences and positive feedback from those who have enjoyed the comfort of our hammocks.

We are proud of this feedback from the hammock community and it inspires us to become even better. This drive encouraged us to reach out and ask competent, independent experts about the effects of our hammocks and hammock chairs.

Recently, the Domingo, Habana, and ZunZun hanging chairs, as well as the Moki and Joki children’s styles, received recognition as uniquely innovative moving products from the Institute of Movement Education and Movement Research. The seal represents movement education quality and a high movement, high learning, and play value. The products are tested in the Wuzberg, Germany, movement laboratory by users of all ages and experts, like trainers and doctors.


Our Joki hanging chair and Moki children’s hammock also received a certification from the Institute for Health and Ergonomics as a particularly ergonomic design. This institute’s focus is on holistic approaches toward better health, and brings in experts to research, advise, and train others on health and ergonomics. This distinction proves our children’s products as helpful for the physical health of children who enjoy them.


You can see these certifications across our website and within our product descriptions. Find the right fit for your home and lifestyle. Don’t forget to share your hammock hangs with us! Tag us on Instagram @lasiestahammocks, and you might see your hammocking moment on our feed.