Hammock Lovers Unite!

Like most people, you’ve probably often wondered to yourself, “Who holds the Guinness Book World Record for hammocking?” Well, wonder no longer: LA SIESTA is proud to have set the current world record for the most people simultaneously hanging out in hammocks together.


LA SIESTA’s world record event was a beautiful example of how hammocks can unite diverse communities and bring people together by celebrating one universal desire—nay, right: the right to feel good and relax.


Today—nearly three years later, we take a look back at that awesome, summer day in 2016 when hundreds of hammock enthusiasts came together to show the world how mass, social hammocking can be done!


Over 250 relaxation lovers came together to help set the new world record for hammocking. 



LA SIESTA’s Hammock Domes, which can often be seen at events and concerts across the US and Europe, were used to safely suspend hundreds of hammocks in one location. A total of 14 Hammock Domes were needed to break the Guinness World Record. 

Hängematten Rheinufer

Breaking worlds records while laying under a tree: Hundreds of more hammocks were hung between trees on the riverbank.

Colibri Nahaufnahme

The carnival hit "Olé Fiesta" was sung by all while the world record was being set, but with a twist—the lyrics were changed to "Olé Siesta" in honor of what just might be the world’s laziest world record attempt.





Übergabe Urkunde

Nailed it! Guinness World Record Representative Seyda Subasi Gemici presents the certificate—a moment of true joy.


Mainz-05 Fanclub



Kinderprinzen in der Hängematte


Mainzer Weinkönigin






Musiker in Mainz




Canoa Rheinstrand


Guinness World Records

Rekordversuch im Gange


Mainzer Sommerlichter


Mainzer Colibri