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For more than 20 years LA SIESTA has been specialising in hammocks, hammock chairs and suspension systems. Our vision is the perfect hammock, and even after more than 20 years in the business, we are still learning.

On the way to leadership in quality we have gotten to know countless of interesting products, technologies, materials, people and places.  We would like to introduce some of them to you in our photo story.

Foundation of the hammock company | © LA SIESTA GmbH

Part 1: How it all began

The story of LA SIESTA started in a garage in Finthen, a suburb of Mainz in Germany.


Today’s managers of LA SIESTA (Maximilian, Leonid and Cornelius) used to play ball there every afternoon. One day, their parents (Dorothee and Alexander Grisar) had the idea to start importing hammocks from El Salvador. So the garage was converted into a warehouse.  And so the hammock import business was started.


From being an importer to being a hammock brand | © LA SIESTA GmbH

Part 2: From being an importer to being a hammock brand

In the mid-nineties, there was increased demand for cotton hammocks, especially from kindergartens (preschools).


Innovation and Design | © LA SIESTA GmbH

Part 3: Innovation and Design

The company founders Dorothee and Alexander Grisar got to know and love hammocks when they lived on the Carribean coast of Honduras in the late 1970s.


Sustainable production of hammocks | © LA SIESTA GmbH

Part 4: Sustainability

Even as a small business with limited resources, we have the possibility to develop solutions together with our suppliers that are in harmony with mankind and nature alike.


A breath of fresh air in the hammock company | © LA SIESTA GmbH

Part 5: Fresh Air

The year 2008 marks the beginning of the second chapter of the company history of LA SIESTA.


Recently seen at La Siesta | © LA SIESTA GmbH

Part 6: Recently

Numerous events from our anniversary year in pictures.



Events from the years 2012 and 2013

Part 7: LA SIESTA in the year 2012/2013

Snapshots from Mainz to Asia- LA SIESTA on TOUR


Events from 2014

Part 8: LA SIESTA in 2014

Germany wins the world championship and we sponsor the first LA SIESTA Cup in Fortaleza with Dito Escolinha.