The founders

LA SIESTA was founded by Dorothee and Alexander Grisar more than 20 years ago.

Even today, though the couple has retired from management, their entrepreneurial courage and their love of hammocks continue to influence our products and the destiny of the company.




Dorothee and Alexander Grisar | Copyright LA SIESTA GmbH

Dorothee and Alexander Grisar

Dorothee and Alexander Grisar sold their first hammock on March 16th, 1991.  The company, which started out in a garage, soon established itself as a hammock specialist on the market.  The desire for quality, the love of the product, and the enthusiasm for traditional manufacturing techniques and designs have made LA SIESTA one of the leading suppliers of high-quality classic hammocks from Latin America.



Alexander Grisar in 1998 | Copyright LA SIESTA GmbH

A good team

Their passion for the product and their tireless desire for leadership in quality brought the company quick success.  The Grisars proved to be the perfect team as business partners.  Dorothee had a flair and intuition for new products, colors and fabrics.   Alexander could use his technical know-how to achieve ingenious product solutions and he also knew how to introduce them to the market.  Above all, he brought along something which still shapes the culture of the business today: Alexander grew up in South America and understands how to combine the relaxed manner of the South Americans with the dependability of the Germans 




Dorothee Grisar in 2011 | Copyright LA SIESTA GmbH

Even today, the couple has strong bond to hammocks, Latin America and its people, and above all, their family business LA SIESTA.  While Dorothee Grisar still participates in quality management and direct sales at LA SIESTA, Alexander dedicates himself to his voluntary work promoting the cultivation of organic cotton in Latin America ( SOCiLA, an initiative founded by Alexander, focuses on the countries of Colombia and Brazil.