A hammock serves towards relaxation and well-being – provided that one can trust in its safety.

We consider it our task to provide the greatest possible safety in hammocks and hammock chairs, which is why we meticulously work on predicting possible dangers and on preventing them by making all necessary adjustments on the respective product.

La Siesta hammock in stress test | © LA SIESTA GmbH

Stress tests

All LA SIESTA hammocks and hammock chairs are stress tested. For this test, the product is placed in a machine solely created for that purpose. Here, a weight that is 2.5-times higher than the maximum capacity stated is placed on the product. That way, possible weaknesses are identified and eliminated before the product reaches its customer.

Safety first – SafeTurn

In 1998, LA SIESTA invented SafeTurn, a safety swivel integrated in the suspension of the hammock chair, which enables rotation around its own axle without overwinding the suspension ropes. Especially children love turning in a hammock chair, which makes SafeTurn indispensible especially in products for children.

Hammocks for children

Thanks to our more than 20 years of experience with products for children we know about the possible dangers created by unsupervised or incorrect usage. In cooperation with the Federal German Association for the Promotion of Posture and Physical Exercise (BAG) we have therefore developed hammocks for children satisfying highest demands on safety. These hammocks are a bit smaller than regular hammocks and offer a closed suspension preventing any dangers of strangulation.


When developing suspension systems and stands for hammocks we cooperate with the TÜV-Rheinland. Their testing experts make sure that the products fulfil all requirements regarding safety and provide guidelines for the design to eliminate potential safety hazards. All suspension systems and stands for hammocks by LA SIESTA are marked with the GS-logo.