For many South Americans, the hammock is seen as a typical expression of a centuries old culture and way of life.

We are thankful every day to have the oportunity to further develop these cultural assets with local manufacturers and promote the hammock as a place for relaxation and general well-being.

Hammocks as colorful as the caribean | © LA SIESTA GmbH

Quality & Responsibility

We see hammocks as what they have always been: a South American national treasure.


People from Colombia, Brazil or Mexico have not only used this cultural asset on a daily basis, they have continually developed and refined their hammocks through various stitching and patterns. For many South Americans, their hammock is the most typical – and decorative – expression of their culture and way of life. By producing and exporting hammocks, we thus bring a hint of Latin American lifestyle to Europe.

Production of a colombian hammock | © LA SIESTA GmbH

Our suppliers are among the best hammock manufacturers in their respective countries. In the many years that we have worked together, we have gained the respect and admiration of our partners in Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and India. Together, we work on the continued development of hammocks, hammock chairs and suspension systems.  We hope to give this versatile and decorative commodity the same status in Europe and the United States that it has had for many centuries in South America.  For many, it is not only a favorite part of everyday life, but also necessary travel companion.


Fairness is our main focus in our work with our suppliers.  This ensurea a dignified existence for everybody involved. By doing so, we comply with international social and environmental standards and use sustainably cultivated raw materials such as organic cotton and FSC® certified wood.