Most hammocks are made of cotton. But if you prefer your hammock to be weatherproof, for example, or if you know that you will be using it primarily for travelling, you will be pleased to hear that there are special materials like HamacTex® or parachute silk for exactly those purposes.


Most hammocks are made of cotton as its qualities basically make it perfect for that purpose. Cotton is tearproof, absorbs moisture easily and is very soft to the touch.


Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is very popular for hammocks as it has all the benefits of regular cotton while protecting the people cultivating it and the environment as well. As organic cotton is cultivated without using chemical substances, it is not only very soft to the skin but also perfect for products intended for children and babies.



Those who like to leave their hammocks outside over night should consider purchasing a hammock made of an artificial fibre such as HamacTex®. HamacTex® is UV-resistant and water-repellent, so that the hammock will not wear through wind, sun and rain and will keep its functionality and radiant colours as well.


Parachute Silk

If you would like to take a hammock with you while travelling, you will appreciate a model made of parachute silk. Parachute silk is made of nylon trilobal, is extremely light and compact, making it the perfect material for travel hammocks.