GOTS - certified organic cotton

All of our organic cotton products from Colombia are GOTS-certified. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the leading seal for sustainable production of textiles. This standard is globally recognized and includes strict environmental and social criteria that are examined and documented throughout the manufacturing chain.

What does sustainable production of textiles mean?

Sustainability in the production of textiles starts with growing organically cultivated raw materials, followed by environmentally sound and socially responsible production. This also includes transparent documentation and clear labelling that allow the complete retracing and verification of every single step and involve all participants.

quality control

The Global Organic Textile Standard

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the leading seal for the sustainable production of textiles. This standard is geared towards nationally and internationally recognized regulations and, in addition to strict environmental guidelines, it also includes minimum social criteria. For example child labor is prohibited under the regulations of the International Labour Organisation ILO.

All processing steps from the production to the packaging, labelling, sales and distribution are covered by the verification and documentation of all GOTS guidelines. Only textiles consisting of a minimum of 70% organically cultivated natural fibers are awarded the GOTS label. With organic cotton, at least 95% must come from organic cultivation and meet the IFOAM (International Federation of Agriculture Movement) Basic Standard. The usage of accessories is limited.


dyeing process

All chemical additives such as coloring agents and auxiliary substances must fulfill specific environmental and toxicological criteria. The handling and disposal of waste water and other waste products is strictly regulated.

A matter near to our heart

When choosing our Colombian production partner, it was already clear that we wanted to focus on organic cotton in the long-term, and to continuously improve in terms of environmental and social sustainability. Fatelares was willing to join us on this path and is proud to be the first hammock factory in all of South America and the first textile factory in Colombia to have passed the complex GOTS certification process.

We’re not only happy about it because we are the first hammock brand with GOTS certification. It is also a special success story for LA SIESTA, because company founder Alexander Grisar has been advocating and working for sustainable economic activities his whole life. The goal of his initiative Socila (Support Organic Cotton in Latin America) is to promote the cultivation, processing and marketing of organic cotton in South America.

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We hope to stimulate further change in the market and be supported by our customers in doing so.