Fortaleza in the northeast of Brazil is not only the place where our Brazilian hammocks are manufactured, the poverty-ridden region is also home to the beach soccer academy “Dito Escolinha“. This project is one of the very few places providing children and teenagers with better prospects by offering them alternatives to a criminal lifestyle and drugs. We support this project with all our hearts...

Since 2014, LA SIESTA is donating a fixed annual sum to the German charity “Tor zur Hoffnung e.V.“ (=gateway to hope), which will be using these means to provide Dito’s beach soccer academy with much needed materials. Apart from that, € 5 out of every sold COPA double hammock and BOSSANOVA family hammock will be donated to the charity.

“Every minute spent at Dito Escolinha is not spent in the streets.“

“Escolinha do Dito“ was founded in 2003 by „Dito“ – José Expedito de Moura, qualified physical education instructor and former member of the beach soccer national team of Brazil. Having grown up in the Favelas himself he is living proof to his students that there actually are ways to escape bleak prospects. 


“Escolinha do Dito“ in the suburbs of Fortaleza presently has 80 students between the ages of 7 and 22, a number that can rise as high as 200 at peak times.


Items like soccer balls, pylons, nets, jerseys, dressing material and other odds and ends are always in short supply. Due to limited resources, having the beach area provided with proper lighting or having the jerseys washed regularly is nothing that can be taken for granted here. Soccer practice is held at the public beach of “Praia de Iracema“. As the area is not solely designated to the academy, other events are held here, which often results in the site being littered with trash and glass shards.


Dito’s dream is to provide regular care for the area and to build a clubhouse for storing utensils and for get-togethers, a place for other daily activities with a small library, and a computer. Furthermore, he would like to offer supervised homework and tutoring carried out by volunteers.

Help us support Dito Escolinha!

A special highlight for Dito’s children: the 1° COPA LA SIESTA beach soccer tournament in Fortaleza in June 2014.


Watch the following TV report by BBC Sport!