Hawaii Pacific Double Spreader Bar Hammock with FSC certified Spruce Stand

£ 429.80

Hawaii Pacific - Padded Double Spreader Bar Hammock

The Pacific offers a unique spectrum of colors and ways of life. Our image of the South Seas is shaped by this tranquil beauty. The Hawaii Pacific hammock with spreader bars captures the freshness and majesty of the calm ocean. The Hawaii Pacific is a free ticket to your own personal South Sea atoll. Just close your eyes, and with a little practice, you'll be able to hear the sound of the waves.

The Hawaii hammock with spreader bars embodies the unmistakable "Aloha Spirit" with its retro design and classic floral pattern of the 1950's. An integrated pillow and an open, padded surface provide an incomparable relaxation experience. So take a deep breath, close your eyes, and dream of the South Seas in the Hawaii hammock with spreader bars!


Canoa Caramel - FSC certified Spruce Stand for Double Hammocks

An extremely sturdy and weatherproof hammock stand made of FSC-certified wood for LA SIESTA Double hammocks.


The patented QuickExtend System allows the adjustment of the tension in the hammock in just a few easy steps.

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