We not only consider the hammock a South American cultural possession that we aim to preserve, but also an everyday commodity for babies, children and travellers which we aim to spread in the world by contributing innovative products. Our range covers the whole spectrum of hammocks and hammock chairs. A spectrum we would like to introduce you to on the following pages.

Handmade in Colombia

In Bogotá, capitol of Colombia, the oldest hammock in the world is on display. It was crafted of pure gold in the 7th century A.D.


Handmade in Brazil

About 20 million Brazilians prefer sleeping in a hammock every night instead of using a bed. Just like football, music and dance, hammocks are the epitome of the Brazilian lifestyle.


Handmade in Mexico

Even the Mayas knew and appreciated the advantages of hammocks and developed them into cultural possessions that are still honoured especially on the peninsula of Yucatán.


North American Style

In 1889, a special type of hammock was developed on Pawleys Island, which belongs to South Carolina, USA.


Designed for Travel

Hammocks made of parachute silk have long surpassed their status of being an insiders’ tip among globetrotters and bon vivants.


Designed for Kids

For children, hammocks are very special, regardless of whether the hammock is used for reading, playing or raving.