Team | Headquarter

“The customer always comes first” has always been the motto at LA SIESTA and we still live by this concept, even in the second generation of the company. Our team of employees earns daily Olympic gold in the disciplines of service and reliability.

Headquarters | Jugenheim

Since 1996, LA SIESTA's headquarters is in Jugenheim, a village in the wine-growing region of southwestern Germany.

General Management

Maximilian Grisar, the oldest of the three Grisar brothers, and has been working at LA SIESTA since 2003. The university-educated engineer assumed management of the family company together with his two brothers after his parents, the original founders, stepped down. Prior to that, he was responsible for the Sales and Finance Departments for many years. Spurred by success, he often toyed with the idea of expanding to America, and in 2014 he took the plunge. From his location in Miami, Maximilian is now expanding the business in North America and in Central and South America. He was even able to convince his wife and two children to leave their home in Germany for a time. Maximilian was born in 1973 and BOSSANOVA champagne is his favorite hammock.


Leonid Grisar started working for LA SIESTA immediately after finishing his studies at Humboldt University in Berlin in 2002, and is primarily responsible for Purchasing and Product Management. He coordinates the smooth flow of goods and the quality of the incoming products with a watchful eye. “Leo” is the calming influence of the LA SIESTA team, and he is often the last to leave in the evening. With a great deal of dedication, he has cultivated close relationships with suppliers, which also requires him to travel on-site. Leonid was born in 1974 and has two sons. His favorite hammock is DOMINGO dolphin


Cornelius Grisar is the third musketeer in the band of Grisar brothers, working  with heart and soul for LA SIESTA. After completing his degree in business administration, his first step was to gain experience at a well-known German sporting goods manufacturer for five years. Being well-prepared for working internationally, he has added a refreshing breath of fresh air to the family business since January, 2011. Cornelius, born in 1979, is responsible for the areas of Sales, Marketing and Finance. COPA furia roja is his favorite hammock. 

Customer service & sales

Benjamin D’Angeli is our Belgian ace in the Sales Department. In his position as a Sales Assistant, he sees to it that everything runs smoothly and keeps everyone in a good mood. When necessary, he bribes his colleagues with chocolate from his home country. Since he has not lived in Germany for very long, whenever he has time he and his wife enjoy cultural studies. Benjamin was born in 1985 and studied public relations and theology in Belgium. MEXICANA canaria is his favorite hammock.

Amadou Diagne, studied German and Romance languages at Mannheim University and, in addition to working for LA SIESTA, has completed further training to become a marketing expert. Amadou has been outstanding as a hammock ambassador since 2006. Born in Senegal, he pursues the vision to establish LA SIESTA as a cult brand on the French market. For him, no obstacle is too large, nor customer too distant. Amadou was born in 1974, has two daughters and his favourite hammock is DOMINGO plum.

Annabelle Rohn gathered international experience during her university years. And it was there, in faraway countries, that she had her first experience in marketing and distribution. As a native speaker of French, Annabelle started her career with LA SIESTA as a translator for our homepage and catalogue. Intrigued by her charm and intelligence, we decided to keep her! Annabelle was born in 1986 and has a son. On her frequent trips, the first thing that goes into her bag is her favourite hammock COLIBRI fuchsia!



Administration and Operations

Sascha Heiland is known as the Swiss pocket knife at LA SIESTA thanks to his multiple talents, and he is a dream colleague for everyone. As person in charge of a smooth flow for goods and finances alike he safeguards our reputation as “hammock supplier extraordinaire” even if things get a bit hectic. Sascha was born in 1984 and his favourite hammock chair is the HABANA Lounger nougat.

Steffi Norman, the nicest accountant in the world, has known LA SIESTA since its garage days. Her love for our customers and for hammocks does not stop her though, to send out overdue notices with the necessary strictness and to keep our revenue account balanced. Apart from doing the accounting, her experience of having two children and being a grandmother makes her perfect for taking care of our customers in the childrens’ branch. Steffi was born in 1950 and her favourite hammock is FLORA chilli.

Purchase & quality

As a Junior Purchase Manager, Christina Lennerth assists the Purchasing Department with merchandise planning. With her many talents, she also handles trade fair organization and is an important link between LA SIESTA headquarters in Jugenheim and the subsidiary LA SIESTA Inc. in Miami. Christina was born in 1984 and started her career early on. Throughout the years she gained experience in many various fields of work, which now helps her in planning and organization at La Siesta. When she has free time, Christina can be found outdoors with her horse and her dog. Her favorite hammock is FLORA chocolate.

Design & Communication

Jean-Christophe Meillan is the artist behind brand and product. Hailing from Marseille, he found the perfect playground for his multiple talents at LA SIESTA. Hammock design was not available as a major when he studied fine arts at the Beaux-Arts of Cambrai, but for us, he designs exclusive hammock patterns, guaranteeing a beautiful brand image that is unrivalled. Jean-Christophe was born in 1978 and has three children. His favourite hammock is of his own design: FLORA chilli.

Warehouse & Dispatch

Victor Gomes personifies Portuguese passion and unites technical and artistic skills. Vito instantly awakens “Saudade“ when speaking about the food, nature and people of his native island of Madeira. But even with tears of passion in his eyes, he can stack 50 pallets into a tower 6 meters high without being even one millimeter off. Vito was born in 1971, he has a daughter and his favourite hammock is CAROLINA citrus.

Salman Yüzüak got to know LA SIESTA in his function as a package delivery man. We liked him so much that one day, we asked him to stay. That was more than ten years ago. A native of Turkey, from the province of Maraş/Pazarcik, he is our contact and hub in the warehouse. He always stays calm and keeps track of everything. Salman was born in 1971 and is the father of three children. His favourite hammock chair is Orquídea volcano.

Hasan Kirmizielma just completed training at LA SIESTA to become a warehouse logistics specialist. Hasan supports our warehouse manager Salman Yüzüak in warehouse planning, receiving goods and packing our hammocks and hammock chairs. Hasan is the youngest of the LA SIESTA family and as a football enthusiast he sure can teach the company’s team some tricks during in-house sports activities! Hasan was born in 1995 and his favourite hammock is CARIBEÑA aqua blue.

Hall of Fame

For more than 10 years, Antonia Fruhner has been the cheerful voice on our phones who took the orders of LA SIESTA'S German-speaking customers. Her second passion, after hammocks, is her harmonica group “Die Steirer”, which the LA SIESTA team hopes to continue to enjoy at company parties for a long time, even after Antonia’s retirement. Antonia was born in 1949 and has a daughter. CAROLINA flowers is her favorite hammock.



Dave Norman came to continental Europe in 1972 by crossing the English Channel. Since then, he has been careful to maintain his British accent. Dave worked as warehouse manager more than 15 years for LA SIESTA. Since September 2012, he enjoys his life as retiree, but he still supports our warehouse when we urgently need his help. As a classic Yorkshire gentleman, Dave is a beloved dinner partner for company celebrations. Dave was born in 1947 and has two children. His favourite hammock is PALOMA olive.