As a family business, we are very aware of our responsibility for human beings and nature alike. We follow our vision of creating a better world for our children and grandchildren. Being aware of this vision, we use our position to provide positive contributions towards that goal and to set a good example to other companies regarding this aim. We maintain long-term relationships with our suppliers. These relationships are based on trust and respect for each other. Together with our suppliers we analyse the conditions at the respective production sites and improve the situation, if needed.

Alexander Grisar, founder of SOCiLA | © LA SIESTA GmbH


Even though demand is constantly increasing and the climatic preconditions are brilliant, many countries of South America to this day do not cultivate organic cotton.


Dito Escolinha

Fortaleza in the northeast of Brazil is not only the place where our Brazilian hammocks are manufactured, the poverty-ridden region is also home to the beach soccer academy “Dito Escolinha“. This project is one of the very few places providing children and teenagers with better prospects by offering them alternatives to a criminal lifestyle and drugs. We support this project with all our hearts...