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Moravia is a part of the city of Medellín (Colombia) and it was basically built on a landfill. As in many other parts of the city, drugs and violence are also ubiquitous here. The cultural center “El Bosque“ (Centro de Desarrollo Cultural de Moravia-CDCM) is a much-needed safe haven from this bleak reality. Here, the band “Estación Caribe“ has found a place for their work.

How LA SIESTA got its song


The songs of this young ensemble combine the multicultural Caribbean heritage of Colombia with urban sounds, weaving musical pieces of art that transport happiness and hope, telling stories about life in Moravia, community, and ways of finding peaceful ways of living with each other.


The work of “Estación Caribe“ is supported by the Finnish NGO “Revive“, a charity which primarily aims at supporting and strengthening teenagers and women in order to build an alternative structure counteracting poverty and violence in Colombia.


Looking for cooperation partners, “Revive” finally found LA SIESTA. A perfect match, as LA SIESTA not only produces a large majority of its hammocks in Colombia but also has a corporate culture that is based on respect and responsibility for the people living in the countries its hammocks are traditionally made in.

And this is how “Estación Caribe“ came to write a song about the hammock production for LA SIESTA in Colombia, which was then professionally produced at a recording studio. The storyline of the song "Alegría con La Siesta" is supported by a video clip made by Camilo David.


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