Displays & Visual Merchandising

LA SIESTA Inc. offers a variety of display solutions for hammocks and hammock chairs for your store, all in an exclusive and original design.

Hammocks need to be put in the right place to be the centre of attention in your sales environment. LA SIESTA offers several sales aids, starting with simple samples of ropes with punched holes and ending with sophisticated modular systems for creating an attractive showroom.

LA SIESTA’s Universal Display

In your retail store hammocks are presented to their best effect with an elaborate sales display.

Therefore we offer a sales display which allows you to clearly arrange a variety of hammocks with and without spreader bars, hammock chairs and fixing sets from LA SIESTA. Our display is made from recycled wood (MDF) by the renowned German manufacturer Werkhaus and is assembled simply by joining the few components together and fixing them with rubber rings.

There are three different image themes available: Outdoor, Organic and Family – each with a different print on the front and back.


The outside dimensions are 63 x 50 x 170 cm (W x D x H). Weight 17kg

We also have a display for sale for our COLIBRI travel hammocks which make our products stand out. 


The trays are made of sturdy corrugated cardboard and finished with a shiny varnish. This material, which is also used for can or wine displays, was chosen because it can withstand the weight our travel hammocks. The additional rack placed in the middle of each tray offers more vertical stability


Because the display is fitted for a ¼ pallet, it can be shipped fully assembled and filled, so that only the packaging needs to be removed and the top needs to be put on- a super quick setup after delivery.


Empty trays can simply be removed and the top can be placed in the tray below to maintain the overall design of the display with fewer trays.


The following display assemblies are available:

60 single travel hammocks, or

52 double travel hammocks, or

30 single + 26 double travel hammocks (total of 56 hammocks)


The following tray assemblies are available:

15 single travel hammocks, or

13 double travel hammocks, or

6 single + 8 double travel hammocks (14 pieces), or

9 single + 5 double travel hammocks (14 pieces) 


The outside dimensions are 58,2 x 38 x 165 cm (W x D x H).

Rope Display for Hammocks

Displaying hammocks by means of ropes with punched holes is a space-saving display solution.


The selling tool consists of a 2,5 m long rope with punched holes and ten hooks, which can be attached to the rope. The rolled hammocks are then placed on the hooks. In order to suspend the rope from the ceiling, a hammock hook and a dowel are included with it.

Siesta Hangers

Specialised hangers for hammocks, hammocks with spreader bars and hammock chairs.


With the Siesta hanger hammocks can be hung very similar to shirts, pants or jackets by means of a hanger. Placing the product on the hanger offers your customers a quick overview concerning the sizes, materials and colours available. The hangers can be placed on a bar with a diameter of up to 4 cm.