Specialized Shops

LA SIESTA Inc. supplies retailers in the product categories of "Home & Garden", "Kids & Babies", "Outdoor & Sports" and any businesses that offer hammocks, hammock chairs and accessories.

Home & Garden

Are you selling furnishing products for home and garden and you do have a retail shop in the upper price segment?


Hammocks are quite common in gardens but have been known to conquer the insides of homes as well, creating innovative living environments. Hammock chairs are perfect for rooms inside as they need less space and at the same time create movement in the living space.


Presentation in your shop


As retailer from the field of Home & Garden it is your aim to provide furnishing ideas to your customers and share your enthusiasm for hammocks with them. Specialised sales tools and display solutions that are adapted to the shop’s surroundings enable you to present the inviting range in a minimum of space.


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You have a shop for children and are playing with the idea to expand your range with hammocks?


Whether it is a classic hammock, a hammock chair or a hanging crow’s nest: children love all kinds of hammocks to be their place to relax in. Many parents and children know hammocks from occupational therapy where they are used in the treatment of diverse symptoms because of their characteristics that promote development.


Made for children

Under the name “Designed for kids”, LA SIESTA offers a wide range of suspension solutions designed to be used for products intended for children. In this range, safety and carefully selected materials such as organic cotton are of the utmost importance.


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Outdoor & Sports

Outdoor & Sports


You own a shop for outdoor products and you are selling products of well-known customers?


Whether for mountaineering or globetrotting: everyone who has experienced travelling with a hammock once will never want to leave home without one anymore. For some years now, hammocks have been part of the standard range of every outdoor outfitter.


Range selection


On the road, specialised hammocks made of nylon trilobal are the perfect companions. For those who command more space and who do not want to miss the comfort of a hammock made of cloth the classic cotton hammock is the ideal choice. Your job as a retailer is to find the right mix of materials and sizes for your range.


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