Those who like to leave their hammocks outside over night should consider purchasing a hammock made of an artificial fibre such as HamacTex®. HamacTex® is UV-resistant and water-repellent, so that the hammock will not wear through wind, sun and rain and will keep its functionality and radiant colours as well.

HamacTex® is a weatherproof functional fibre especially developed for the requirements of hammocks.

The fabric

When LA SIESTA started to develop HamacTex®, they had a vision of creating a fabric that was similar to cotton in its properties but could be left outside all summer without weathering. And they succeeded! Since its introduction to the market in 2005, the polypropylene-based fibre has been appreciated by hammock enthusiasts worldwide.

Fast drying

A rain shower will not harm a product made of HamacTex®. Mostly, rain drops will simply drip off the hammock, leaving the fabric dry. But even if your HamacTex® hammock should become wet every once in a while, just leave it outside: the first rays of sunlight will let it dry, leaving it as good as new and ready for action.

UV-resistant and soft to the touch

Long-term exposure to the sun will not strain HamacTex® products either: Even after months of being exposed to daylight, the colours maintain their radiance and the fabric remains soft and supple. Due to the soft, skin-friendly surface of HamacTex® the material is extremely hard to tell apart from cotton. Even when thinly clothed the lying experience is extremely comfortable.

HamacTex®: The outdoor solution

You would like to leave your hammock or hammock chair outside during summer? And there is no way you are going to compromise on comfort or robustness? Then a product made of HamacTex® might be a good alternative for a cotton product. LA SIESTA offers a diverse range of hammocks and hammock chairs made of HamacTex®.