Hammocks since 1991

Customers from all over the world value LA SIESTA products not only for their colorful beauty but especially for their high-quality workmanship, unique comfort and durability.

Hammock specialist since 1991

The La Siesta GmbH with has specialised in the development, marketing and distribution of hammocks and has its headquarters in Jugenheim, Germany.  It was founded by Dorothee and Alexander Grisar in 1991, and  is now managed by their sons Maximilian, Leonid and Cornelius Grisar. As a family business we strongly focus on sustainability and our concept is characterised by fairness and a sustainable interaction with human beings and nature alike.

Colombian Hammock | © LA SIESTA GmbH


Apart from the hammock classics from Latin America, we continue to work on the development, marketing and distribution of specialised hammocks for babies, children and travellers. Our product range is complemented by practical suspension systems and stands for hammocks and hammock chairs. As hammock specialists we have been setting new standards in quality, comfort and durability for more than 20 years. We live the vision of the perfect hammock and turn trends into products that inspire!


As a modern family business, sustainability is of great importance to us. We consider ourselves a pioneer in a market branch that is very much subject to change and we focus on our responsibility for human beings and nature alike. Fairness, transparency and respect are part of our identity and they are always our top priority when making decisions or embarking on activities.